With SunRise engineering team focused 100% on solar PV from start to finish, our expertise, quality and customer service is second to none. Our engineers have developed expertise to improve system operating efficiency while reducing total system costs. All aspects are considered to insure compliance with the local codes while insuring accessibility for operations and maintenance.


Our management team has years of lean manufacturing experience with General Electric, and can provide customized solar equipment and local contract manufacturing where needed. Our Lean Manufacturing process gives priority to simple, small, and continuous improvement such as continually making minor improvements that added together, lead to a higher level of efficiency throughout the whole system.


SunRise Power provides flexible construction options, full turnkey or select subcontracted services. We take safety seriously and make it a priority for our direct employees and the general public. Our goal is to better meet customer demands by dramatically improving on the construction process. To achieve this, we continuously develop new processes and custom engineered methods for product development and production management specifically tailored to the specific property architecture.

Operations & Maintenance

Solar PV power plants are not maintenance-free! To maximize performance, uptime, safety and financial viability they require continuous monitoring, inspection, preventative maintenance, and service calls to identify and address the many methods of degradation, under-performance, and failure that can occur.